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If you’re dealing with a dental emergency, it’s important to call sooner than later. Our experienced team of dentists and staff are here to provide you with prompt and compassionate care when you need it most.

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Edmonton Emergency Dentists

Dental emergencies can happen at any time, often when you least expect them. Whether you're experiencing severe tooth pain, a knocked-out tooth, a broken crown, or any other urgent dental issue, our clinic is equipped to handle a wide range of dental emergencies. We understand the urgency of these situations and strive to see patients as soon as possible to alleviate discomfort and prevent further complications.

Emergency extractions
Chipped or broken teeth
Lost fillings or crowns
Edmonton Emergency Dentists

Frequently Asked Questions

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What qualifies as a dental emergency?
Dental emergencies can vary in severity, but common examples include severe toothaches, knocked-out teeth, broken or cracked teeth, loose fillings or crowns, abscesses, and significant oral trauma. If you're experiencing intense pain, bleeding, swelling, or have suffered an injury to your mouth, it's essential to seek emergency dental care as soon as possible.
Should I go to the emergency room or a dental clinic for a dental emergency?
While hospital emergency rooms can provide initial care for dental emergencies, they often lack the specialized equipment and expertise needed for comprehensive dental treatment. If possible, it's best to seek treatment at a dental clinic equipped to handle emergencies. At our clinic, we have the necessary tools and experience to address a wide range of dental emergencies promptly and effectively.
Do I need to make an appointment for emergency dental care?
While we recommend calling ahead to let us know you're coming, we understand that dental emergencies can occur without warning. We strive to accommodate emergency patients as soon as possible, even if you haven't made an appointment. Simply give us a call, and our friendly staff will guide you through the process and schedule your visit accordingly.
How do I manage severe tooth pain at home before my emergency appointment?
While waiting for your emergency dental appointment, you can alleviate tooth pain by rinsing your mouth with warm saltwater, taking over-the-counter pain medication as directed, and applying a cold compress to the outside of your cheek to reduce swelling. Avoid applying aspirin or any other medication directly to the tooth, as this can cause irritation to the gums.
What should I do if I knock out a tooth?
If you've knocked out a tooth, it's crucial to act quickly to increase the chances of successful re-implantation. Carefully pick up the tooth by the crown (avoid touching the root), rinse it gently with water if dirty, and try to reinsert it into the socket if possible. If reinsertion isn't feasible, place the tooth in a container of milk or saliva and seek emergency dental care immediately.
Is emergency dental care covered by insurance?
Coverage for emergency dental care varies depending on your insurance plan and provider. We recommend contacting your insurance company to determine the extent of your coverage for dental emergencies. Our clinic accepts most major dental insurance plans and can assist you in navigating the insurance process to maximize your benefits.
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I went a repair on a broken tooth and needed a crown. Dr. Iyad was very kind and careful throughout the entire process.

Kris B.

This clinic is amazing! Super friendly and efficient staff. I have been a patient since 2016 and have always been impressed!

Nicole S.

This is an amazing clinic with responsive staff. I barely had any wait time. The dentist and the dental hygienist were also very amazing.

Anshika P.